Massa is known for his simple yet effective approach to track composition. Whether you're going for impact or subtlety, Massa can design sequences, loops, and full tracks to meet your needs.

Examples include:
・themes for commercials/advertisements
・film/animation/game soundtracks
・sound breaks for speaking/award events
・background themes for exhibitions/events
・loops and backgryound themes for Flash files and/or websites

At your direction, Massa can custom design sounds and sound effects for a variety of purposes. Sounds can be sampled and then textured, or fabricated from scratch using a synthesizer and music editing software.

Applications for these cusomizable sounds include but are not limited to:
・Flash files
・short films/animations
・animated logos

If you already have an existing theme or soundtrack but would like to put a spin on it, take advantage of Massa's remixing services. Using the existing files, tracks can be totally remixed or simply re-edited for a specific purpose.

For example:
・radio edits
・style remixes (genre to genre)
・length editing (for commercials, etc.)

* For more info on this service or to request a quote, please send me a message through contact form.