MASSA TAKEMOTO : Track Composer

Massa is a driven track designer and musician with extensive experience with both commercial and artistic projects. With more than 20 years of experience in audio production, he has worked on an international level with distinguished clients, including as Microsoft Japan and Social Media Week, producing work such as sound breaks for advertisements, themes for art exhibitions, movie soundtracks and music albums. 

As a musician, Massa has played at major West Coast venues such as Whisky a Go Go, Coconut Teaser, Belly Up Tavern, etc. and went on tour from Southern California to Utah as a member of the band "May Pole," which was nominated for "Best Out-of-Region Band" at the Orange County Music Awards in 2002. He has also performed at music festivals and on Japanese television (including Japan MTV) as a support member for bands and solo artists. In 2009, Massa was invited to the project "ULTRA SLACKER" by Tomotaka Imamichi, in which he recorded 2 full-length albums and toured Japan.  

Massa’s love of music started when his father bought him a record player on his 3rd birthday. He started taking private piano lessons at the age of 5 and achieved proficiency in music theory by the age of 15. By that time, he had been exposed to wide variety of music and started writing his own music.

While his core musical influence is classical, Massa has played with blues bands, funk bands, and rock bands, which requires good improvisational skills. Through this experience, Massa learned how and when to “break the rules,” as well as how to keep a crowd entertained.

After "May Pole" signed to studio880 (San Francisco), Massa put aside the live rock scene to pursue a path in digital composition. Despite the challenges of learning on his own, Massa managed to self-release couple of conceptual albums in 2007 (desert island mix) and again in 2011 (Echolocation’s EP, Beauty in an Empty Glass) and was eventually picked up by the German record label Peacelounge, who later released Echolocation’s first full length album, Platinum Wunderland, in 2012. From there, his work began to gain recognition and eventually his work came to be featured on commercial compilation albums alongside artists such as, Norah Jones, Jay Alansky, Chris Coco, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Levitation, Jean Honeymoon and others.  Around the same time, that Peacelounge first picked Massa up, he was asked by independent film director Ippei Nishihara to compose music and manage sound production for the feature-length film A Taste of Kiss, which premiered at the Japan Film Fest Hamburg in Germany.

Most recently, Massa has finished his seventh solo project, which is due for release at the end of 2017, and is currently working on a soundtrack for Ippei Nishihara’s second feature-length film.  

*If you are interested in collaboration or would like to request Massa’s services, please contact him via the contact page.