MASSA TAKEMOTO : Track Composer

Born in Japan, Massa moved to the U.S. at the age of 19 to explore his musical dreams and collaborate with musicians from a variety of genres. During that time, he went on tour from Southern California to Utah as a member of the band "May Pole," which was nominated for "Best Out-of-Region Band" at the Orange County Music Awards in 2002. Upon returning to Japan, he also had opportunities to perform at music festivals and TV shows as a support member for bands and solo artists. After ten years of professional music experience in the U.S. and Japan, he put the live rock scene aside to pursue a path in the world of digital composition.

  • Performed as a lead guitarist for the band, "Downside" at San Diego County Fair -Del Mar Fair –(1999, 2000 U.S.A.)
  • Performed at Fuji TV Factory as a bassist for HANNAH (2004)
  • Released Two albums and Toured Japan as a member of "ULTRA SLACKER". (2009) (Member : Vocal:Takui Nakajima, Guitar:Tomotaka "Imasa" Imamichi, Drums:Makinobu Hirayama, Bass:massa takemoto)
  • Performed live and released the album, "BRIGHT-EYED AND BUSHY-TAILED" as a bassist for "r_i_s_u". (2012) -(Member : Vocal / Guitar : RISU, Guitar : Tomotaka "Imasa" Imamichi, Drums :  Hiroshi Kido, Bass: massa takemoto)

     - May Pole - (~2004)
  • Performed at "Whisky a Go Go", "Coconut Teaser", "Belly Up" etc… (U.S.A) 
  • Released the album, "with love or squalor" (2001 - U.S.A)
  • Nominated for "Orange County Music Award 2002" (U.S.A)
  • Received "Best Original Song Award" at "Online Rock Festival 2002" (U.S.A)
  • Toured west coast as a member of the band.

   - Echolocation - (2008~)
  • The track, "In the Dark" was compiled for "Early Morning Breaks Vol.2" (Peacelounge 2010,  Germany)
  • The track, "Frosted Glass" was compiled for "Early Morning Breaks Vol.3" (Peacelounge 2011, Germany)  *Peacelounge Recordings
  • Released first EP, Echolocation -Beauty in an Empty Glass (Tokyo Sphere, 2011)
  • Released full length album "Platinum Wunderland" (Peacelounge, 2012)  
  • The track "Platinum Wunderland" (from the album "Platinum Wunderland") was compiled for  "Klassik Lounge Werk 11" (2013, Germany)

  • Released EP, "Energy Transferring System Remix" (Geyser Recordings 2010)
  • The track, "Out After Curfew" was compiled for "Red Carpet Lounge Vol.2" (Peacelounge 2011)
  • Released EP, "Final Wave" (Geyser Recordings 2011)
  • The track, "Ace of Clubs" was compiled for "Early Morning Breaks Vol. 4" (Peacelounge 2012)
  • Composed soundtracks for the film "a taste of kiss".
  • Compiled "Peacelounge Presents : TOKYO SESSION VOL.1" (Peacelounge 2013)