a taste of kiss Screening at Film Festival in Germany to Be Accompanied by Release of Original Soundtrack

a taste of kiss (OST)
by Massa Takemoto
Release date: mid-May2013
Label: Peacelounge

"Having cast off their living bodies to become digitized life forms, the whole of humanity lives on eternally as data within the BOCS Record System. Thenーin that devastated worldーa single human clone is created with a specific purpose: to relive the memories of his original lifetime and obtain that which mankind has lost. The clone carries out his mission only to discover the real meaning for which he has been brought into this world. And the fate that awaits him..."

a taste of kiss, an independent film by Ippei Nishara,  will be screening on May 23 at Japan-Filmfest Hamburg. Massa, having written the soundtrack for the movie, will be in attendance at the event in Germany, and will also be releasing the soundtrack for sale to the general public through the folks at Peacelounge in the middle of May. The album will be available in digital format from all major download stores, including iTunes. You can preview a sample from the soundtrack here:

About the film:

a taste of kiss is a dark sci-fi love story where, in the not-so-far-future, mankind has achieved near-immortality through gene manipulation, but at an ironic cost. That is until, in one brief moment, one man rediscovers what it is to be human...


About the director:

Educated in film making in the United States, Ippei Nishihara is an award-winning independent film director and producer whose past achievements include a nomination for the prestigious Student Academy Awards for his short film, "The Dreaming Egg." His involvement with the production of each film ranges covers almost everything from start to finish: screenwriting, shooting, editing, CG production, VFX, and everything in between. Favoring the 'analog feel,' Ippei's style is marked by a sense of minimalism in terms of production and production materials, combined with modern digital processing to create a visual tone that exploits the advantages of both methods of film production. His first full-feature film, a taste of kiss, was completed in 2011 and has since been screened at several movie festivals in Japan. The soundtrack for this movie was created and mastered by Massa Takemoto, with whom Ippei has been close friends since their time as college students in the United States.

"Subway," from a taste of kiss Original Soundtrack